Our Impact


  • The need for improvement cannot be overemphasized, after attending the retirement training program organized by MP Associates, the sky is the limit. I am now enlightened on how to manage my finances after my separation from the company where I used to work.

  • After my participation at the retirement training programme, I have decided to face life boldly, courageously and look for every opportunity to make use of my skills, as I have been made to understand that it is not too late to start no matter how bad the situation is.

    Abraham O
  • I realize now that it does not matter where I find myself now as a result of my company restructuring or downsizing, I can still get to the top and be self sufficient if I can wake up the lion in me.

    Ola O
  • The core of what we do is in personal finance, but the impact of what we do is in the society

    Vwoke Ighure

Our Stories

To end poverty and hunger, many things will have to change: institutions, trade rules, technology, ways of thinking. Read their stories.

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