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Who We Are

Proshare Nigeria, having been operational since December 2016 and widely regarded and held in esteem as the Number One (No.1) Online financial hub in Nigeria with coverage spanning economic, business, personal finance, investment clubs, capital and money markets, start-ups, MSMEs, financial technology, regulatory and media (news, TV and Radio) recognizes its role in deepening the kinship between citizens and the markets.

The company, in furtherance of its strategic development goals is seeking to become an analytics firm driven by technology and deploying solutions in the financial space.

To enable the firm fulfill its core value mandate, the need has arisen for it to set up a foundation that would devote its efforts towards the education, empowerment and enlightenment goals it set out to achieve.

Proshare Foundation seeks to provide impactful and sustainable technology based solutions for the common man who urgently needs reliable financial services to be able to safely save, borrow, make payments and use insurance with ease.

Simply put, to alleviate financial illiteracy and invariably poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.

Our scope of work broken down into project based interventions would include Integrated financial and IT solutions, trainings/workshops, Money Camps, Financial Literacy campaigns, financial consultancy services, data and analytics for the business, Agricultural and Health sectors of the economy.

Our People

Founder/CEO of Proshare Nigeria Limited

Olufemi Awoyemi, B.Sc. (Hon), FCA, FIIM, FICA, FIAPM, ACIT, AMNIM, AIMC, MIoD

Olufemi Awoyemi, Founder and CEO of Proshare Nigeria Limited (Nigeria’s foremost financial information hub) is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Association of Investment Advisers and Portfolio Managers (AIPM), Institute of Credit Administration, and Institute of Information Management. He is an Associate member of the Institute(s) of Chartered Taxation of Nigeria, Institute of Management Consultants, and the Institute of Directors.

He been able to build an impeccable portfolio of commercial and management achievements garnered during the course of twenty-eight (28) years of progressive responsibility and results with well-known local and international firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, UAC of Nigeria, Eterna Oil & Gas Plc, Phillips Consulting, Fountain Trust Bank Plc and British American Tobacco.

He has contributed immensely to, and has been actively involved in many initiatives, associations, academia and commercial activities including roles as a member of the Membership and Publicity & Publication Committees of the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce; Chairman Strategy Committee of the West African Bankers Association (Nigeria), Independent Board Member, Northwards Housing, Manchester City Council ALMO, UK; Technical Advisor, National Assembly House Committee on Capital Markets 2011-12 and member of the 2015 Technical Sub-Committee of the Nigeria Economic Summit Groups’ (NESG) Central Organising Committee (COC).

He is a Council member of the Association of Investment Advisers & Portfolio Managers, the vice-chairman of the Industry, Trade & Investment committee and member of the Finance & General Purposes Committee of the Institute of Directors (Nigeria); a 3-term member of the esteemed Strategy, Research & Advocacy Committee to the Council of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (2010-date) where he serves as the Chairman of the Advocacy Sub-Committee and Chairman of the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan Sub-Committee; member Governing Council of the Fintech Association of Nigeria; faculty member, Centre for Financial Journalism, Nigeria; Trustee of Kingdom Life Ministries; and since 2012 acted as an Independent member of the Investment Committee of Alternative Capital Partners Ltd (ACAP), a SEC registered Fund/Portfolio Manager and Corporate Investment Advisors.

He equally uses his private time to deliver on knowledge empowerment engagements including being a consultant to the School of Post Graduate Studies, University of Lagos, on Entrepreneurship (2013-15) and he continues to offer himself as a facilitator at many management retreats, personal finance empowerment training, thought leadership and knowledge sharing sessions of blue chip firms, NGO’s and professional groups and associations.

He was the Chairman of the board of directors of Value Fronteria (2009-2015), a competitiveness optimization firm and still serves as Chairman of the board of View Limited – a thought led strategy, financial and management consultancy set up in 1993. He is currently a non-executive director of OGC Foods & Beverages, producers of the only Artesian bottled water in Nigeria and the founding President, Board of Trustees of the Online Publishers Association, Nigeria (OPAN).

He has published over 1210 reviews, opinions, articles, research work, and publications in the last three decades covering workplace issues, market intelligence and service/ practice/innovation issues in the capital market; corporate governance in Nigeria and the financial markets, public policy and impact assessments, white collar crimes in corporate Nigeria and the markets.

His articles have appeared in national dailies, economic and business magazines, journals and electronic media.

Olufemi is a multiple award winner including being the recipient of the 2015 African Financial Analyst of the Year award by the Global Change for Africa, Brussels; the 2015 Nigerian Rising Award by Hallmark; the 2014 ICA Honours Award; and the 2013 Most Outstanding Business Executive of the Year (African Council of Chief Executives under the African CEO Council), amongst others.

At Proshare, he oversees the strategic direction of the nation’s leading financial information hub recognised both locally and internationally vide the International Finance Magazine (IFM) “Most Innovative Capital Market Service Team, Nigeria 2015”; the CFI.co 2014 award for the “Best Capital Markets Solutions Team – Nigeria”and the Nigeria-British Chamber of Commerce (NBBC) Rising Star Award for 2014),  amongst others.

He was at various times a member of the editorial board of the Banking Journal of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) and been an editorial board member of Financial Standard (where he ran a weekly column for 5 years); Lagos Business School Alumni Magazine; and founding Editorial Board Chairman of Brandfaces, a brand marketing journal.

Olufemi’s interests include financial markets – education, empowerment and enlightenment; scenario planning, strategy articulation & execution, market intelligence, future trends, knowledge management, documentaries and sports to which he remains an active enthusiast in five sports – basketball, football, athletics, table tennis and cricket.

Our Partners

The Proshare Foundation seeks to work with our partners and like-minded organisations to connect the grassroots and urban communities to a vital mix of trending financial Technology, financial information, health, and agricultural services to make sustainable impact in helping people take charge of their financial future enlightened with knowledge and empowered through new innovational technology/solutions.

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