What We Do

Simply put, Proshare Foundation seeks to work with others to alleviate financial illiteracy and invariably poverty through lasting solutions that help people to safely save, borrow, make payments, use insurance, build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.

We would work with our technology partners to develop financial inclusion solutions to meet the needs of the financial market with special attention to including women as our target audience and the grassroots sector. Our integrated solutions will provide a connection with these people and the financial institutions to help them build assets, weather crisis and manage risk within the informational, health and agricultural services/sector.

Based on the recent survey carried out by Elfina on the access of Financial Services in Nigeria 2016 survey, it showed that 96.4 million adults in Nigeria (58.4% of the Nigerian Population). However, 40.1million adults are still financially excluded without any form of access to Financial Services.

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