The Belief System

The Fundamental of Financial Freedom

Most people do not regard the issue of belief system about money to be of any importance, all that matters is what they are doing presently to make money.

For some individuals the Money Myths they have always had about money is that “the love of money is the root of all evil”, “you can never have enough money”, “you have to struggle to make money”, ‘You do not need to put a will in place, it is like preparing yourself for early death’, Life & Health Insurance is meant for the elderly and retirees”, At age 50, it is to late to start saving or having investments and you retire to fate”, “Until you have large sums of money, you cannot save or invest, it is not worth saving small amounts”, “you cant make a difference in my financial future after age 50”, “All debts is bad debts”, “I’m still too young to start saving towards my retirement” etc, the list is endless and disheartening to know that these thought pattern is actually a part of you but you are not aware of it.

I once pondered on this issue, and I asked myself; how come these beliefs are so strong and why on earth should I hinder myself from gaining financial freedom? Quickly I went in search of some financial literatures and articles, personal development books and even discussed with friends (well, I found out that we are all in the same boat) and the answer I came up with so far is that, these thoughts are the fundamentals you have to deal with to attain financial freedom.

To some people their past life experiences on money related issues, environment and family background/upbringing have contributed immensely in forming these thought patterns.

If the idea you grew up with is that “money is scarce”, you can be sure that this idea has sneaked into your mind and will probably get stuck there without you knowing it.

These negative thought patterns are deep; you can call them “root thoughts” or “origin thought”; they are thoughts that are lying beneath and behind your conscious thoughts that you are thinking on an everyday basis. They are very strong; strong enough to weaken your new way of thinking that may be very positive and good.

It is important for you to look at your own thoughts, work on them to produce a healthy sponsoring thoughts that will bring you abundance and great wealth instead of struggle and suffering. To change these thoughts, you will need a burning desire to train your mind into thinking differently. I will prescribe a complete dose of brainwashing of your negative belief system about money; afterwards a lot of relearning is highly recommended to gain a new and healthy thought.

Train your subconscious to think differently, and be alert to detect when these negative beliefs kicks in.

You will have to do a little brain paradigm shift, what I would term as “unlearning”and afterwards a lot of relearning with your new and healthy thoughts.

To unlearn to relearn, I will explain to you the concept “Idea to Action – I 2 A.” “I 2 A” works the other way around of the normal creation process: Thought – word - Action. An idea comes into your mind as a thought and takes shape and becomes clear. That is the first step in creating.

Then comes the next step, which is the word, which is knowledge and it empowers. This knowledge is the beginning. The word is spoken or written and makes the idea more real, strong and more solid. This is already a big accomplishment in the creation process, but the idea is still not physical reality.

This comes in the third step, “deed”—or the action that you do—to give your idea physical form. A practical example of what I did: I had always wondered why the rich are getting richer and the poor gets poorer, and how to create wealth and sustain it.

I had an idea a long time ago that it would be great to have an app to help people manage their finances and be able to secure their financial secure with a practical guide, because so many people I can across had the same problem and they were all drain by the fact that their income disappears like a spirit, without been able to account for it, and they end up not having enough to do what they want to do.

As I talked with them the more, it seemed that the reasons for these problems often were similar, and I had a feeling that there had to be a solution for this. I wanted to find the solutions (step one: ideas and thoughts); write them down and make them clear as well as easy to understand (step two: word - knowledge); and then in the end, create an innovative solution that could help people in a few minutes, take a financial health test and have a financial plan in place (step three: deed and action).

As you are now reading this article, you can see the practical result of the thought-word-Action process unfolding straight in front of you! Going back to where we started, with the concept of “Idea to Action,” we have to look at why and how to do it.

Why? It is because the process of creation does not only work with the conscious thoughts you have but also with your subconscious beliefs. So, if your underlying belief system always tells you that there is not enough money, then that is the reality you create. To train your subconscious to think differently, you first have to become aware of when these beliefs kick in. For example, You have an old friend you had promised to give some money to and you see her at the mall, she has not seen you yet, and you are wishing in your heart that she does not see you.

This is the way you would think. “When I see her, I immediately shrink and think: I hope she does not see me. Now, of course, she sees me and is so happy to see me, and I think, okay, I'll have to give her some money.

After all I know that this makes me feel good. Then, for the same reason that I tried to avoid her, I also start having second thoughts about giving her a smaller amount below what I had promised her because I have just done some shopping and I am left with little amount. The thought goes like this: I don’t want to give away the amount I promised because if I do, then I would have nothing left, and I do not have much at all. How can I just give away the little that I have (the root thought is that it is never enough money)?

In the short term, I will have less money or nothing at all if I give some of it away. In the longer term, this is not as true. This is to reaffirm to myself the idea that I cannot afford to give her the promised amount of money because there is never enough.

So, what I can do to change this root thought is to first give her the money I thought of, I know it is going to make me feel both good and bad and then think to myself: WOW!

I can afford to give her money, I know that there is more where it is coming from, and I trust that this will end up in my pocket and on my bank account, so I can happily share it with more people. This action will then affirm your new thought: There is always enough money! Now you may think, this is a lie, but then take the new thought you have learned by “Idea to Action” and look again on the thought-word-Action process.

You may think this is extremely difficult and everything inside of you says NO! But still, try it out. You do not have to give away all your money; that is not the point.

The point is that you give yourself the feeling of abundance and that you can share. If you have very little money, you can give according to that. It is important that you get the feeling so you can start believing in your new thought. When you say to yourself that you always have enough money for everything you want and need, your mind will protest and say: “This is not true; fact is this and that and blah blah blah.” You are right! Fact may be this or that, but if you want to change, you better start here—right at the root cause of your money problems. This is a little bit of “Fake it until you make it.” You can make it easier for yourself by thinking thoughts that you can accept, such as: “I know there is more money out there, and right now, I am figuring out how to get it to flow into my bank account.” Then, you give yourself a feeling of security and that it is actually true: There is enough money! When you get your head around this one, you are a giant leap ahead on the road to financial freedom.

Every idea we have learnt in the past about money are colouring our actions today. If you think your actions are not right, you need to do a financial health reality check up because a positive thinking and a YES! Mentality is not always enough. We at the Money Clinic invite you to join the money savvy people who have renewed their thought pattern about money to evaluate your financial health status. Your financial future begins from today; take charge.

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