Passion for Money

I and Florence have been childhood friends and the attraction was that from our youthful days we were always looking for avenues to make extra income apart from the little pocket money our parents gave to us.

I grew up with the culture of wanting to make money from everything I did, and the drive was my trying to answer the question that lingered in my heart for years. What is my passion, what am I passionate about, what is my purpose here on earth, how do I link this with building sustainable wealth for myself without depending on anyone not even my parents who had the obligation to take care of me till a TDH negro comes to ask for my hand in marriage, not even after I have a job, it is still their responsibility to take care of me.

I discovered I had passion for figures, for creating and beautifying things using my hands and an eye to see how these creative hands could bring about the figures.

On a beautiful Saturday, I decided to visit Florence to discuss the possible business ideas we could be involved in, just after our youth service and I met a friend of hers at her house, who was in need of an interior decorator, not the big names but a small company or individual that he could relate with, be able to interpret his taste and deliver quality all in one package. He was about moving to a new house and needed someone to do his interiors for him. He had the cash and was ready to spend any amount just to make his new apartment look “tush”. Initially, I was not so sure I wanted to assist this gentleman, but when Florence hinted me that he had the cash to spend as he was working in an oil company, I became interested. Now, my fears increased as I thought he would not be able to pay, but now I know he can pay and even more, the questions kept rolling in, would I be able to meet his taste, why did he not give the contract to his girl friend? Typical of us girls.

I wanted to know more, Florence was ready to answer my questions. She advised that Francis is a spoilt child that has everything going for him and I should do a good job for him and also use the opportunity to milk him if I can. To Florence, it was OPPORTUNITY meet NEEDS, I should not allow it pass me by. I had never had the opportunity to charge anyone for the interior decorations I did as they were for my friends and family members.

Francis was asking Florence out, and he wanted to impress her by all means and I had to make use of the opportunity to make cool cash. “BOBO NICE” invited I and Florence to his new apartment to inspect the place so I could do a proper costing . I gave him a bill for N400,000.00 and to my greatest surprise without questioning he doled out the cash. Alert dropped “gbimme”. I and Florence went all out to do a thorough and nice job for Francis. He was so impressed and preached the gospel to all his bachelor-friends and colleagues. I started getting calls from guys who wanted quality and had the cash to spend. Now this answers the question a lot of singles ask, how can I start business without capital? This is a lazy man’s question as you can make money with other people’s money.

I made some cool cash from the interior decoration business as it gave birth to a company that strictly takes care of the needs of the single babe. It worked well till I was advised by Popsie to look for a job and be responsible for my financial future. I was making good money and I did not want the flow to stop, but he went ahead to advice further that I could still run with my passion. I can only achieve by an extra effort and hard work as I would have to give up my weekends to meet up with my clients demand. I will level up with you, it was not easy, it worked out for me for a while and I gave up to face the challenges of the new job I got.

I know you want to know what happened to all the money I made from the business. As a trendy babe, I always had a long list of designers wears, perfumes, glasses, name it to pick up. As the money was coming, I was spending it well. It never crossed my mind to invest or save, after all I was still very young and had enough time to do all that investment jargon in the future, so I thought. It was meant for guys and not for single ladies like myself and I know a lot of us ladies fall into this category, but happy to announce to you single ladies that I am out of those shoes now, what about you girl?

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