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Budgeting Your Way to the Top


Welcome to our personal finance and literacy space, we trust that you will find your journey with us not only informative but educative and motivating as well.  

Have you ever wondered sometimes how N100,000 disappears into thin air and it seems like you may not be able to totally account for all that you have expended money on? Or the typical one of having to expend monies on things you eventually discover you have no need of… well the truth is most of us are victims of this and while there may be no full proof guarantee that we will always be able to account 100% all the time, we may be able to help each other find ways to manage this money we all labor so hard to get!

Oh, by the way do you live in Lagos? I expect that people who are not new to our subject matter for this series being ‘BUDGETING’ will be finding it hard to totally adjust right now, considering that they may have done their budgets from the last month or even for the quarter… We are all in this matter…

But quickly let’s introduce what Budgeting is all about, why it is so effective and also the myths and facts about Budgeting.

Here, we like to simplify things and demystify this whole Finance thing, but here is the most authentic definition of Budgeting – it is simply the process of creating a plan to spend ‘your’ own money. A plan gives you not just an idea but a documented means of knowing if you have enough to go through a financial goal you have and the how to go about it. So you see a Budget is really a road map that addresses the What (what you have) Why (your needs and wants), How (streams of achieving the financial goal) and the When (duration of time allotted to achieve goal).

So what then are the benefits of Budgeting? Shall we explore how it gives you a 100% control of where and how your money goes? Or maybe you did not know that budgeting definitely gives you the leverage to make future plans and how to reach the financial goals you have set for yourself and perhaps loved ones. Budgeting gives you a cushioning effect when you have unexpected expenses or misfortune perhaps visits. Perhaps the one that will resonate best with us is how Budgeting will definitely help you make that relocation a much easier process. It makes little or no sense at all to wake up one morning and think to just relocate without making adequate financial plans and this journey starts with having a Budget.

Okay, we hear you.. you have no idea what a Budget looks like, that’s totally fine. But are you aware there are ‘apps’ that can make this so much easier for you. A ready template - all you need to is input your income streams, your expenses, in fact you can start small by keeping track of your daily expense and income before you get to the more complex part of it.

So are you ready to become SMART about your money? Do visit us from time to time and we hope before long you become an avid ProTriber who is not only SMART but Savvy with their finances as well. 

It’s all happening here, where you get informative, educative and motivating tips on everything Personal Finance…. Hook up with us across cyber space, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram…we cannot wait to share with you what we know and what we know you know but sometimes need a constant reminder  and for the ones you don’t know, well….. The pleasure is all ours.

Talk to you real soon

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