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Finding Balance: A Way Forward

Welcome to February Tribers!

It is with great pleasure we at Proshare Foundation welcome you into a new month! It is already February and while we take a moment to remember the events of the past couple of months and its aftermath, we must not dwell in it, rather we must only concern ourselves with staying safe and finding a way to move beyond all the hurdles life presents to us.

For many reasons, we have chosen a theme for 2021 that embodies the essence of our message for this year which is premised on the facts that 2020 did happen, life as we know it has changed, hence our approach to things must also change. We have seen ultimately that success is a culmination of several things and to truly enjoy these things, we must be in a state of ‘BALANCE’.

To find one’s BALANCE one must be sure of exactly where they are in their journey of life. This is not in any way an attempt at motivational speaking… lol. Rather, it is the foundation upon which we will come to determine what becomes wants and needs for each of these stages of our lives and also allows us seek the required information that will push us on to the success  that we desire.

So, let’s start from this understanding that we are all at different points in our life’s journey. A person’s life journey starts from cradle and ends at the exit of one’s life. In between that band is a series of events that will occur and go on to shape our lives and our own measures of success.

Now, let us dial back a little bit to finding the correlation between your life’s journey and what finding your balance means. Don’t forget we already said we are all at different entry points right now in the life’s journey cycle, hence there will be varying variables that will account for what brings balance to you and I.

Balance is that point where there is some measure of freedom that conforms to your own acceptable definition of success. It is important to also know that finding our balance is always a reflection of the kind of objectives we have set for ourselves. 

It is interesting to note that, as much as we outline our objectives for the year, a lot of us may not necessarily have gotten the technique to setting realistic objectives that should blend seamlessly with our stand within the life journey cycle, rather what we do is follow a series of assumptions that may not necessarily be helpful in our pursuit of Balance.

Like we said earlier, in 2021 our actions must be deliberate and concise. How can we achieve these? We must be open minded about learning, unlearning and relearning the things we think we know. We must be ready to put in the work and we at PFDN bringing to you the tools that will make taking the necessary action a little bit easier.

We will be introducing to you the riveting story of the DISU dynasty, each at different entry points in the life journey cycle, each with a story to tell of how commitment, discipline and seemingly simple actions determined the course of their lives and finances.

There is so much more we are bringing your way this year, all you need do is follow our social media handles and visit our website to benefit from the robust content we are bringing your way.

PFDN Team.

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