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Taking Actionable Steps towards your Goal

 Hello Tribers,

Welcome back to the PFDN Blog!

In our previous article, we mentioned how it is important to not just set goals especially financial ones but to understand what kind of goals we should be setting considering what decade we are in our life and to understand the needs and wants for each of our life’s journey! We went a step further to say, it will be wise to operate from a level of ‘balance’ where we ensure everything we do assures us of success across the different spheres of our lives!

This journey is not a sprint but a marathon; we urge us all to brace up as it promises to be rewarding even as we put in the work.

So, this goal setting thing… the truth is, goal setting is a very individual thing and is almost expected of everyone who has serious plans for making something for themselves. However, at the core of goal setting which is only the first step in the wheel is the actions we put out there to back these goals.  For a lot of us, this may be the challenge we face and it may not necessarily be because you are too lazy but perhaps you honestly do not know how to go about it!

Again, life is all about being open to learning, unlearning and relearning. We have spoken to people in time past who had absolutely wonderful goals, and infact some were really putting in the work, but did you know that it is possible to put in the wrong actions to the desired goals, and this eventually leads you to not achieving your goals. Let us help, perhaps we can put a little bit more clarity into how you may go about taking the right action steps towards achieving your goals.


  1. 1. Start at what your goals are – 
  2. The most important questions you will ask yourself at every turn of your life should be: what do I want my life to look like, how does this goal(s) fit into this vision I have carved for myself? Don’t forget our visions are more holistic; but our goals can be classified as short or long term some leading to the actualization of our vision and some may just be a need for a short moment. We must learn to differentiate both. 
  4. Goal setting is at the core of our individual life’s journey – they should be relevant, meaningful and timely to us and the beneficiaries of such goals. What we want to consider may include at the very preliminary stage – how do I want to spend my time on a daily basis, what excites me in life? What areas do I want to improve on, what are my strengths, what kind of people do I want around me? Do I have a graphical representation of all that I want and need, can I distinguish between my wants and needs? These and more are some of the pertinent questions we need to initiate at the beginning.


  1. 2. Get it all down on paper
  2. You see this ‘Vision Board’ idea; it is grossly underutilized. Fact is, there are too many things competing for our attention on the daily and if we fail to put pen to paper or document it, we may not have the clarity we desire.  This simple act of making your goal stick in your mind and allows you get your brain working on how to put the fine details into play in making your goals happen. Check this out; a study did show that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.
  4. There are apps that can help with this, although we think having a proper Vision Board the old fashioned way may be just a tad better!


  1. 3. Strategize what needs to happen.
  2. Your goals are just that, if you do not take the time to identify the steps that will lead you to achieving them. If you desire to earn a million naira in a period of three months, we think the smart thing will be to identify possible ways that will allow you earn that sum, this includes the what and the how. Will there be certain steps you need to prioritize? Are there any time-sensitive tasks you need to achieve in a particular order in order to be in a place of advantage to achieve what this goal? Replicate this illustration as it relates to your goal – the point is to design your own process; the key thing is it must be a process you can follow through with.


  1. 4. Follow the Measurability Rule 
  2. So part of taking actionable steps is making sure that you set ‘benchmarks’ for yourself that will ensure that each step you accomplish in your goal process is leading up to your bigger goal or vision if you will. Setting milestones and making each process of your goal measurable is important as this will ensure you are not getting off track.
  4. Ensure that you set deadlines on tasks, again, setting deadlines you cannot meet makes no sense.. Find the right balance by ensuring that your timelines are reasonable and you can keep pace with it. Define an overall timeframe for completing your overall goal and then work backwards from that by setting target dates which may be weeks, months or years from now.


  1. 5. Action Now!
  2. When we talk about taking action now, it is no tautology; it is saying that there is no better time like the present. If you need to buy that cardboard today to start with your Vision Board, then make a conscious effort to do it now! Infact stop reading and go set a reminder to do that today.  Some of us feel the moment we put down our goals, there is a pressure to immediately get on board and start implementing… not necessarily so. Again understand that writing down your vision and goals allows you decongest the brain and free it up for newer ideas that will lead up to you living a wholesome and balanced life.


  1. 6. What are your talents and expertise? 
  2. When you break down your goals into process tasks, you have to consider what it will take for you to achieve each. So the question begins with; do you have the right skills and competencies to do just that? 
  4. Are there areas that you will need to strengthen, should you consider outsourcing some of your tasks? Do you want to redefine the process tasks so you can work within the boundaries of your own skills if that will make things easier and faster? Will you be satisfied with this result if you go about it the way you want?


  1. 7. Learn the art of Delegation
  2. So, for some of us with huge goals, we will probably need help getting there. Do you not think it will be wise to surround ourselves with supportive people that will help reach such goals? We must remember life cannot be lived in isolation, we must each focus on where our abilities are the strongest and get the help we need from others who are strongest in their own spheres as well in order to reach this dream.


  1. 8. Develop a Positive Mindset
  2. There is nothing that can be achieved with a negative mindset. Nothing will ever conform to what we want if and when we only keep seeing obstacles or build a negative energy around us all the time. 
  4. See yourself living the life you want, continuously visualize this life and take your alone moments to revel in the absolute happiness achieving your goal will bring you. Celebrate your small wins, embrace the setbacks and push ahead always. Above all; cultivate the mentality of being a ‘champion’ for we are all one!


  1. 9. Accountability.
  2. This is perhaps one of the most crucial things you can do for yourself. Defining your responsibilities and understanding your role in making your dream a success. Have an Accountability partner you trust and respect that can help you on this journey. The only way to hold yourself accountable is to share your goals with others who are ready to walk with you. The path is never smooth; but the good thing is even when you stumble you can own up to this with your partners and they will be there to help you move along.
  4. Ultimately, whether you are a 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 something years old person, we must come to a place where we are able to articulate our dreams. We must be reminded also that our dreams are allowed to evolve. Time and circumstances often influence why our dreams must and can change. We must be flexible enough to embrace these changes.

We hope that today will be the day you begin to take actionable plans towards the goals we know you have.

Start at the very beginning; write them down.


Kind Regards,

The PFDN team.

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