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The Balanced Woman

Hello Triber!

As we draw a curtain on September in a couple of hours, do be reminded of all that we have learnt. We have dedicated this month to the Women in our community; we trust that you have found all our tips and strategies helpful? And good people, not to worry we are not trying to start a gender war here, we are an equal distributor of information, so be rest assured we have something coming up for the men too… 

So let’s do a quick recap of some of the things we have learnt this month; from our ENT series on top skills to learn as an Entrepreneur, Financial Missteps, Financial Strategies for Women, Understanding where your money goes, Financial Challenges Women face to Becoming a Smart Money Woman. Do catch up if you have not caught up on this…

Today, we are going to explore a little deeper beyond talking just about our finances.  There is a narrative out there that says it is impossible for a woman to do so many things… while it is not our job to confirm or deny that as we are not about to tick anyone off, let’s just say the journey to having it all is absolutely possible. 

It may be impossible for us all to agree on what ‘balanced’ means, but here are a few ways to define who a ‘balanced’ woman is. 

You see top of the list is this, a ‘balanced’ woman knows what is important. Knowing what is important equates knowing first-hand what your priorities should be. The truth is this, our priorities differ and as such, it is imperative that a woman’s priorities should be defined by whatever stage she is in, in her life’s journey, her aspirations; personal commitments are all but a few things that may require women to have different priorities.

A balanced woman is forgiving of herself. It serves no purpose to relentlessly punish yourself for any mistake you may have or will make. Forget that superwoman thing, you only have twenty four hours in the day and yes, we must maximize our time, but you must never ever feel guilty for taking the time to sleep, pamper yourself or make money mistakes. We must understand that our growth is mostly centered on the failures we make; from this we learn and are in no way defined by our failures or mistakes.

If you take nothing at all from this article, take this with you. A balanced woman has the right and must permit herself the chance to evolve. You do not need to make apologies for dreaming big, wanting more, changing your dreams or redefining who you are. It is a journey and every woman is allowed to chart their own course. A whole lot of times, women are afraid to evolve because they do not want to appear as being unstable so they dig deep in tunnels that end up burying them.

Also take this one to heart, a balanced woman understands what she really wants and is able to channel the right resources accordingly. Having a balanced lifestyle will be about building healthy relationships, empowering others, focusing on positivity and largely, been at peace with one’s self.

Conclusively, balanced living is considering all aspects of your life; relationships, fitness and health, mental wellness, financial, emotional well-being and making a commitment to ensuring that not one aspect of your life suffers.

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