Lifestyle Changes for Better Health Benefits

ionicons-v5-k By Adeola July 25, 2022

In our last article, we shared on the correlation between physical and financial wellness. For a vast majority, they do not necessarily believe that there is indeed a direct connection between these two and it is fairly impossible to talk wellness without speaking on both. Where one is not managed properly, it affects the other and we can only develop the skills needed to manage either by the knowledge we have on both. 

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On this article we will be exploring lifestyle changes that can transform one’s health for better. There are a whole lot of health fads going on these days. However, it is important to understand that the genetic makeup of men and women are different. To achieve good health is an incredibly complex thing and this can only be achieved with daily habits that will help us live longer, have more energy to pursue our goals and find that happiness we all desire. 

Some of our tips include:

  1. Water: The gift that keeps giving.

Is there anything of this world that can honestly say water is not important?  Yes, we all drink water, but what is more important is how much water are we drinking? Are we drinking good and clean water? It is medically advised that we drink up to 8 glasses of water everyday to help our organs function optimally and ensure that we pass out the toxins in our bodies. Drinking water adequately leads to more energy, healthy weight loss and better skin. Here is a list of what happens in the body without adequate water intake

  • Body temperature will not stay regulated
  • Electrolytes will be unbalanced
  • Joints may not work properly
  • The brain may swell
  • Blood pressure may increase or decrease 
  • Seizures
  • Tiredness
  • Injury- heat cramps or heatstroke.
  • Kidney or any other organ failure
  • death


  1. Get moving! 

Not many people are opportune to move around a lot while they go about conducting their businesses. A substantial number of people have sedentary lives such that they are unable to exercise their bodies adequately. Of course, quite a lot of people are getting some form of exercise into their lifestyles now, however, the one or two hours at the gym every week will not suffice for the other long hours of sitting down. A study showed that the benefits of some exercises were negated by the prolonged hours of sitting. So, what is the solution?

  • Imbibe the habit of taking short walks everyday especially if you are mobile.
  • It is okay to take the stairs instead of the lifts at work especially when your work does not give you lots of free time. 
  • Stand up and walk about at intervals while at work also.
  • Stretch your muscles at intervals during the course of the day.


  1. Ever heard of dietary supplements or probiotics?

Every day, science advances and now we know that a healthy gut is one of the core pillars leading to a healthy body. A healthy gut ensures that we have a good mood and also helps us achieve a strong immune system. It is interesting to note that as humans, we are unable to eat adequately all the classes of nutrients our bodies deserve, hence, dietary supplements are there to help us increase our daily intake of nutrients and also work on our microbiome with the help of good quality probiotics. For more on probiotics and prebiotics read here: 


  1. Beauty Labels are as important as Food labels.

It is not enough to obsess over the ingredients in the foods we consume and pay no mind to the ingredients in the beauty products we use. It is absolutely important that we are mindful of these as a lot of these ingredients increase the risk of having cancer especially for women. Ingredients such as Parabens, Coal tar, formaldehyde, phthalates, fragrance and much more are to be ditched with immediate effect. The world is gradually becoming aware of the dangers in chemicals, it is wise to be intentional in what we consume either as food or as a skincare product.


  1. Sleep: it is a weapon.

There are motivational speakers out there who belong to the school of thought that only a lazy man sleep. This narrative is not only wrong but dangerous to the well-being of human species. The Scientific American stated that while test subjects remained awake for up to 8 – 10 days with no clear medical, neurological or physiological problems, there was a steady progression of a deficit in concentration, motivation, perception and higher mental processes. Sleep not only rejuvenates the human body but gives the opportunity to be in a state of complete rest.  Finding the time to take adequate rest and sleep is essential to wellness.

Here are some tips to help you sleep better

  • Use calming essential oils
  • Eat sleep promoting foods if you have trouble sleeping
  • Create a better environment that allows you sleep better – declutter your room, work on the lightings, use calming wall colors, ambient music for sleeping, better beddings and room airing.


  1. Find joy in laughing and loving.

It can never be said enough that a heart filled with love forms the foundation for living a healthy and happy life. There are no perfect situations; however, we can choose to live in the light of positivity, free our heart and mind of worry, envy, malice and any other negative energy.

Conclusively, let us remember that being healthy is mostly in our hands. It is not in the big things but daily lifestyle habits we form. When we are healthy, we do not have to worry about spending our hard-earned monies to care for our bodies because we are ill. We can work at minimizing our potential health challenges.

As usual, at Proshare Foundation; we are in the business of bringing you financial knowledge that will not only educate, enlighten and empower you, but ultimately set you on the path to achieve “wellness’’.

With love & wellness,

Proshare Foundation Team.

Adeola Posted on July 25, 2022