Retirement Planning

While the popular narrative centers around make, manage and multiply money; we have taken it a step further to initiate this often-forgotten step into our financial planning and empowerment program. The journey to financial wellness is not a destination but life long journey that starts from cradle to grave.

Too many times, people who have done everything right in terms of making, managing and multiplying their money, often tend to lose it due to a mistake that could have been averted. The need to start planning intentionally for the retirement phase cannot be overemphasized.

Our solutions include providing tools that make it seamless to initiate plans around retirement, providing the resources needed to start the conversation. Retirement plans are an absolute necessity especially in Africa as there are no substantial ways to earn an income after a certain age.

While most MSMEs are outside the loop on structured retirement plans; it still does not stop you from initiating your own plan today.

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