Smart Kidz Learning

The Smart Kidz learning platform is part of our disruptive solutions aimed at getting children to understand financial literacy. We have since learnt that financial literacy is about having the right skills and knowledge to make informed decision about managing money; it has also become quite glaring that financial literacy needs to be taught to young children as this is considered as a crucial life skill.

A recent study from the University of Cambridge showed that children learn money habits from as early as age seven yet this does not underscore the importance of parents teaching about money to kids even younger. At the core of financial literacy are not just the principles guiding the use of money but the attitudes that goes with it.

At Proshare Foundation, we believe that Parents are their children’s first money influencers, as they tend to pass their money management knowledge and skills to the children(either taught or by just been observed), and by this they develop either good or bad money management skills themselves. We believe strongly that the community can be better off having children with sound financial literacy background.

The Smart Kidz learning platform utilizes animations, cartoon imaging and games to teach on the concept of money, budgeting, savings and basic etiquette. The SKL platform targets children from the ages of 4 – 12, teens with the FEET(Financial Education and Enlightenment Training for Teens) programme.

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