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What We Do

The problems poor people face are intertwined. So are our solutions.


How can we help financial service providers provide products and services that the under-served customers will not only choose but use? A focus on the customer is essential. We will engage in the areas of

  • 1. Market Segmentation
  • 2. Service & customer Research
  • 3. Financial Capability and Capacity Development
  • 4. Women and Youth Financial Inclusion Programs

The Maya Declaration has made closing financial inclusion gap a policy priority given its many benefits to citizens and the overall economy.

Our remit is to focus our advocacy on not just influencing how many can access financial services but the range and quality of such services; and at what cost.

  • 1. Measuring effectiveness and sustainability of interventions.
  • 2. Regulatory sandboxes participation
  • 3. Fit-for-purpose policy architecture
  • 4. Host public enlightment campaigns
  • 5. Collaboration with Corporates and Government
  • 6. Media Interventions

How disruptions and innovative solutions are helping unbanked people gain access to financial services through digital channels.

  • 1. Agent Networks
  • 2. Digital Financial Products/Fintech.
  • 3. Open APIs
  • 4. Payments and Infrastructure.
  • 5. Credit Financing Reviews.
  • 6. Innovation Hub
  • 7. SME financial reporting solutions.
  • 8. Online/Mobile Portal reviews and ranking
  • 9. Financial Wellness Clinics

Developing capacity for players involved in the financial ecosystem as well as end-users in our target audience - women, teens and youth in the informal economy who need access to a full range of financial services to generate income, build assets, manage risks, moderate consumption and fulfil reporting obligations.

  • 1. Governance
  • 2. Directory
  • 3. Guidelines and Responsible Regulations
  • 4. Financial Health Checks
  • 5. Networks and Clusters
  • 6. Financial/Investment Clubs
  • 7. Training & Workshops


A major gap is the collation, analysis and interpretation of data in the financial markets and in filling this gap, our expertise in processing of data, analytics and simplified presentation of this data to guide the project objectives and aid our decisions is key.

Financial Literacy

The financial literacy programmes are targeted at all age brackets and there is an event for everyone, impacting one child, one teen and one adult at a time. (contact us for more details on how you can participate).

These events which are seminars, workshops and financial empowerment presentations are open to our target audiences at no cost and would be organized at locations easily accessed by these people. Locations which are safe, serene and secure.

Financial Inclusion

These programmes have been designed to connect the market with innovative and scalable solutions that will educate, empower and enlighten the people to improve their financial health, businesses and communities at large.

These people include all age groups, people of all race and tribes across the country, all professions, inclusive of farmers and low-in-come women. These programmes are geared towards inclusive growth, making the economy work for everyone.

5 Ongoing Projects
₦ 1.5M Value of Donations Received
200+ Child Training Beneficiaries
5 Corporate Partners