Talent on Wheels

The Youth Empowerment Programme for Creatives

The Talent on Wheels Initiative is a Youth Empowerment Project geared towards using creativity (drawing, painting, drama, dance & singing) to bring children and young adults who are out of school or within the lower income demography into the formal or informal system of education.

The Talent on wheels initiative is a Youth empowerment project for out of school children or street children. The first project came up on the 9th of Feb. 2021, at the Ilaje, Bariga, Lagos State, where we had 32 children showed interest and by submitting their details to get skilled in areas of painting, drawing and waste to arts.

The second phase of this project is coming soon as we look to train these children that are interested in these areas of art.

This initiative is divided into three categories which are The Moving Dots, Waste to Arts and The Digital Library.

The Moving Dots

Waste to Arts

The Digital Library

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