Physical Wellness and Financial Wellness

ionicons-v5-k By Adeola July 15, 2022

Physical Wellness & Financial Wellness: What is the connection?

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When we started this year at Proshare Foundation; one of the things we wanted to focus on this year was exploring how financial wellness affected us in more ways than we think especially in our daily lives. In the course of the previous months, 

we have explored subject matters around ‘wellness’ starting 

with – financial wellness in itself (what does financial wellness really mean?, we also explored the correlation between our mental health and personal finance. 

You can take a peep here to see all the topics we have covered and see how some of the 

tips we shared can be of use to you to achieve the elusive ‘wellness’ we all desire - .


It is the start of the second half of the year already! For some, it has been a great ride, for others maybe not so much. Still, regardless of how it has been for you to this point do not forget our popular saying at Proshare Foundation that there is no time that is too late and the journey towards financial wellness is an evolving, consistent and very present one.


This quarter we are going to be talking about physical wellness and its connection to financial wellness. Does it really make sense to think that money and our health have a symbiotic relationship? In this part of the world, this may very well be in the affirmative as word on the street is “when you are going through malaria bouts all that is needed for a speedy recovery is alerts and more alerts”!


There has been a lot of scientific research in recent years and more so since COVID 19 about how human beings feel about their personal finance situation and how it has affected our physical wellbeing.  A deeper understanding will be that it is a fact that on a daily basis people face financial issues maybe not so much about how to make money but with emphasis on managing, multiplying and securing such wealth which really are the issues.


Here are the facts as presented by the study: 


  1. To reiterate, finance/money is a major source of stress. A whooping 65% blame their financial problems as the precursor to their ever-consistent source of stress and another 33% blames debt as the singular reason for their breakdown.
  2. It was discovered that, financially literate individuals who have taken charge of their personal finances and adhere to the principles of wealth creation, management, investments and protections are most likely to be physically healthier as well as mentally.


  1. High levels of financial stress present through physical symptoms like sleep deprivation, headaches /migraines, compromised immune systems, digestive issues, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle tension, heart arrhythmia, depression, anxiety and so much more.


  1. Financial stress leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms and behaviors that most likely affects the physical wellness of individuals. Some of these unhealthy habits include binge eating, the use of recreational drugs for temporal fix, violence to mention a few.


Let us share tips on how to increase your Physical Wellness.


  1. Decrease your money related stress – word on the street is that “problem no dey finish”. Start by identifying what it is that truly worries you about money and that starts first with taking a deep dive to understand your belief system (click here to read about belief systems: ) and how they influence your psychology and attitude towards money. Essentially your belief system helps you understand how to prioritize based on your value systems. 


Facing your source of financial worries is the second step. Are your expenses far above your income? Are you in debt? Is repayment an issue? Is budgeting a lifestyle for you? Are you intentional about your finances? Do you have a realistic financial goal?


  1. Growing your financial knowledge is key to mastering your personal finance. The more you know, the more you are able to imbibe healthy financial values that will ultimately help you lead a drastically reduced financial stressful life. Live by that code which says: “knowing more today allows you to enjoy more tomorrow”. The ability to make confident financial decisions that are premised on whims and half- baked truths cannot be overemphasized. Accessing tools and resources that allow you become smarter with making, managing, multiplying and protecting your money is one of the best gifts you can give yourself because it is definitely a path leading to joy and peace of mind.


  1. Invest heavily on Preventive health care measures. In a country like Nigeria where pollution, anger, insecurity is part of our daily living; the onus is on the individual to give themselves a fighting chance at living a healthy life. Preventive care measures include regular yearly screens and check-ups to prevent bigger medical problems in the future.  Eating quality meals however little goes a long way in ensuring that your immunity is well attended to. Drinking Water, a message often propagated by “Aproko doctor” is a definite life source and promotes healthy living.


  1. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to take a moment from time to time to reflect on how we live our daily lives. When a person knows themselves, they are able to identify what makes them happy, triggers an otherwise negative emotion or reaction from them, what they do when they are either happy, sad, anxious, depressed and what not. That deep retrospection is something a lot of us shy away from perhaps because we do not like what we are forced to confront. 


Your coping mechanism(s) may just be what has put you on a path to self-harm. When you recognize your unhealthy coping habits; it is easier to find alternatives to counter such habits that are much more wholesome and healthier. E.g. the use of recreational drugs being swapped with meditation, exercising (click here to read up on benefits of exercise: ), speaking to a friend or engaging the services of a financial coach to help wade through your personal finance challenges. 


Another major thing to learn and always remember is “it is impossible to give that which you do not have; in literal terms, if you do not take care of yourself, you cannot give the best version of yourself to anyone especially the family you are laboring so hard for”.  In one of Jason Bourne's movies; Jason had mentioned about how having quality sleep and rest is an often-underrated weapon. Listen, finding the time to relax does not make you lazy or frivolous; rather it shows how very aware you are of living a healthy life.


As we journey through this quarter together, understand that it is absolutely possible to take back control of your life and do away with that feeling of hopelessness. There is no shame in speaking to a person well versed in Personal finance matters and asking for help. Living in denial is the real evil and while you may not be working towards having a six-pack and hour figure; it is possible to live a life that sees you truly living life and enjoying every moment of it in good health and with a merry heart.


As usual, at Proshare Foundation; we are in the business of bringing you financial knowledge that will not only educate, enlighten and empower you, but ultimately seeks to set you on the path to achieve “wellness’’.


With love & wellness,

Proshare Foundation Team.

Adeola Posted on July 15, 2022