About The Proshare Foundation

Proshare Nigeria, having been operational since December 2016 and widely regarded and held in esteem as the Number One (No.1) Online financial hub in Nigeria with coverage spanning economic, business, personal finance, investment clubs, capital and money markets, start-ups, MSMEs, financial technology, regulatory and media (news, TV and Radio) recognizes its role in deepening the kinship between citizens and the markets.

The company, in furtherance of its strategic development goals is seeking to become an analytics firm driven by technology and deploying solutions in the financial space.

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Disruptions of Change

Meet women and men with the courage to pioneer new solutions and to pursue new opportunities, even in the face of uncertainty and hardship. They are building a better world for their families and the generations to come.

Your Partnership

The problems poor people face are intertwined. So are our solutions. Your partnership:


Our focus is on Innovative solutions, tools, products & services that will provide vital information, education and resources that would improve the financial knowledge gap. These services would include: Research reports, online trade reports etc.


Our focus is on Thought leadership – bringing together great minds to provide unique expertise and offer high impact solutions to tackle global issues.

These services would include Public Enlightenment Campaigns, Investment Clubs

Digital Health & Agricultural solutions : seeking to work with partners in government, private and public sectors and civic society to provide critical information to the public.


Our focus is in the development of digital solutions to overcoming obstacles, These solutions are designed to cause a disruption in the marketplace to challenge the norm  in the Fintech space.

Our digital solutions will connect people to timely & reliable information,  financial technology(FINTECH) solutions, innovative hubs & platforms for resourceful development and networking


Our focus is on empowering the people to develop skills through innovative means and investor Educational Series.

Youth Opportunity & Learning